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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. If you’re starting to feel insane each time you sign up for the next new weight loss program. While the programs may work for a while, they’re repetitive and uninteresting. Eventually you become bored, quit, regain the weight and then start the cycle again with the next new weight loss program. Now there’s a Bay Area weight loss program that will pull you out of the insanity and into real life weight loss forever.

What makes this program different?

The reason this program for weight loss is different is that is isn’t a weight loss program. It’s a martial art. BJJ—Brazilian jiu jitsu—is a sport that helps you shed pounds as you participate. Because the focus is learning the sport, rather than losing weight, you’ll stop focusing on weight loss. What you focus on remains in your life. That’s one reason most weight loss programs don’t work. They drive the idea of weight loss into your brain until it becomes part of you. If you don’t have to lose weight, you’re not you. BJJ focuses on learning the sport, eliminating the worry of weight loss from your mind until you no longer identify it as your problem and release it the energy hold it has on you.

You’ll burn calories and build muscle tissue, but most of all you’ll learn how to overcome a larger opponent.

The focus of the sessions is learning how to overcome stronger and larger opponents, but while you’re doing that you’ll be getting plenty of calorie burning exercise. The type of exercise resembles high intensity burst training—where you exert bursts of energy for a few seconds or minutes, followed by less intense minutes of low intensity movements. Burst training is known to be a super calorie burner. In BJJ sessions you won’t even realize you’re exercising, just that you want to win.

You’ll get a mental workout too.

BJJ is as much a mental workout as it is a physical one. It helps you learn to mentally focus and anticipate your opponents next move. The sport builds mental discipline, which helps in all areas of life, even weight reduction. When you combine the calorie burning capacity with the mental boost of determination, weight loss will never be YOUR problem again. You won’t own it and it won’t own you.

You’ll feel positively fantastic after a workout. BJJ stimulates the brain to create hormones that make you feel fantastic, such as endorphins and dopamine. These can help lift depression that causes overeating.

You’ll burn off stress hormones like cortisol. If you build up stress, not only does it lead to stress eating, but it also leaves your body loaded with cortisol, a hormone linked to abdominal fat. BJJ eliminates the problem.

You’ll start to feel good about yourself again. You’ll learn how to defend yourself in any situation, often without doing harm to an attacker—just subduing them. That can give you confidence and make you like yourself more—one of the keys to weight loss.

You’ll make new like-minded friends and have fun. Fun and friendships can help you lose weight. The workout time goes faster. When you workout with friends or practicing with them you’ll be far better off than sitting at home with your old friends, Ben and Jerry.

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