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Have you ever considered a Berkeley personal trainer who would help you do more than just get into shape? Personal trainers normally use calisthenics and other forms of exercise to work your body into shape, but that’s all. While you end up with a great body, you could get so much more from a trainer who offers self defense classes, such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You’ll not only get a real workout in each session, you’ll also develop other important skills when working out with martial arts.

You’ll get a sense of confidence from learning this sport.

A beautiful body is great, but if you’re attacked on the street it won’t help you fend off an attacker. You’ll learn that when your personal trainer teaches you BJJ. While there’s no reason to tempt fate and purposely walk down dark alleys or in shady parts of town, sometimes you find yourself in an uncomfortable position and if you’re alone and afraid, make the perfect target. Thugs stalk people who seem afraid and tend to avoid those who seem confident. Just knowing how to defend yourself gives you the confidence not to be a victim. If a mugger didn’t read the “handbook” and selects you as his target, you’ll be able to take charge of the situation.

You’ll develop mental discipline.

While working out can make you mentally tough, so does martial arts training. Even more than that, it also makes you think. While you’re working your body, your mind will be getting a good workout too. You’ll learn to be more aware of not just your surroundings, the people around you—since you have to focus on the moves of your opponent and decide the next move you’ll make to gain control.

You’ll notice pounds start to drop off easily.

You’ll focus more on the art of BJJ and forget to notice just how much exercise you’ll get. It won’t take long before you start watching pounds seem to drop away and your body slimming and toning. The workout is so much fun, it takes the focus away from losing weight and burning calories and turns it to learning an new skill.

A person trainer who uses BJJ for a workout also helps you develop self-control. It teaches you how to deal with both winning and losing. When you lose, you learn how to take that loss and make it work for you to become a better person, which leads to knowing nothing can keep you from your goal.

Martial arts, such as BJJ can bring more friendship in your life. Once you learn the sport from a trainer, you’ll probably join larger classes or want to compete. BJJ and other forms of martial arts introduces you to new people, many of whom will become good friends.

You’ll burn off stress and frustration every time you workout with a trainer.

People often find not only do their bodies look better, their lives are better too. Martial arts can turn people around and away from bad habits and negative lifestyles. This type of training has helped many people turn away from abusive drug and alcohol use, as well as overeating and smoking.

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