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Not all Concord weight loss programs are the same. Some starve you or make you eat their “special foods.” Others bore you to death with the same old calisthenics and machine workouts. However, you do have an alternative. You could take Brazilian jiu jitsu training that not only is a great workout, it also gives you skills that can help you defend yourself. No matter what shape you’re in right now, you can take classes and move at your own pace. It has other benefits too.

The Brazilian jiu jitsu workout not only helps you lose weight, it sharpens your senses.

The workout is as much a mental workout as it is a physical one. While you’re in the midst of an attack, you have to plan each move immediately, based on your opponents last move. It takes skill to keep your focus under such duress and that training transfers to everyday life, where you’ll be able to keep your cool while others are panicking. It helps you become a leader.

You’ll have fun and look forward to each session.

You shouldn’t have to force yourself to exercise, but unfortunately, with most types of exercise it can be true. With BJJ you’re often so engrossed in learning new moves the session time seems to fly by and you’ll be looking forward to the next one. It’s easier to stay with a program that’s fun and interesting, so losing weight and getting into shape is easier.

You’ll get the confidence that comes with knowing you can protect yourself.

Many people take this type of training just to lose excess pounds and get into shape, but love the fact they learn self-defense. This is particularly true for women, but also for many men. Knowing how to defend yourself can save your life. Luckily, most people never need to test their skills in real life after learning it, but it’s extremely beneficial if the need arises.

Building self-control is part of the program and that self-control can help you say no to the extra serving of dessert and steer you toward healthier eating.

You’ll burn off hormones created by stress, such as cortisol, a hormone linked to the accumulation of fat on the abdomen. The exercise stimulates the brain to send out messages to create hormones that make you feel good. People often go to sessions angry or upset and leave mellow and relaxed.

You’ll start to see results quickly. The workout you get with BJJ training burns calories fast and works every part of the body.

You’ll develop a persona of confidence and self-control. That confidence can help you achieve any goal.

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