Hercules Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

People who try the Hercules Brazilian jiu jitsu—BJJ—classes often fall in love with them, but you don’t have to take their word for it. Some BJJ trainers offer a week of free instruction so you can find out if this is the sport or fitness training for your needs. Others offer a 100 percent satisfaction money back guarantee. If you’re lucky, you’ll go to an instructor that does both, so if you think you like the training, but are still unsure after one week, you can keep taking lessons without risking a penny if you’re not satisfied with results. BJJ training helps you lose weight, get back into shape and provides a world of benefits you might not expect.

You’ll burn off stress with BJJ training.

Stress creates hormones that prepare you to fight or run. This is important for people in real danger, but unfortunately those responses aren’t appropriate for much of the stress faced by people today. Bopping your boss may be what you’d really like to do or running from all the demands of the family, but they aren’t appropriate responses. Unfortunately, then the stress hormones build in the body and play havoc with your health. BJJ training burns them off and replaces them with ones that make you feel good.

Develop self-assurance with BJJ training.

While Hercules isn’t an area with a high crime rate, in fact it’s super low compared to the rest of California and the nation, learning how to defend yourself can bring a lot of self-confidence. That confidence makes you exude an aura that gets the attention of others. While they may not know what is different about you, they do know you won’t be pushed around and react to that by showing respect. It helps in every facet of life.

Improve your balance and coordination with BJJ training.

Are you one of those people who stumble over a piece of paper and slam their heads in car doors? It may sound like a joke, but sometimes people are just that awkward. Even if you aren’t, developing more coordination and balance is always a good thing. You feel more comfortable in your own skin when you do. BJJ classes help to improve your coordination.

Wake up your mental skills and improve your focus. BJJ training is as much mental as it is physical. You’ll improve your focus and that helps in every area of your life.

Watch pounds drop off as you tone and firm your body. You’ll build more strength and endurance with BJJ training.

Enjoy becoming fit. Most people who take classes enjoy the challenge and the comradery of the classes.

You never have to worry about whether you’re fit enough to take classes. BJJ is for every level of fitness. It’s based on the fact that even the smallest person can overpower the largest one with the right training.

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