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If you’ve ever considered using a personal trainer in Walnut Creek, consider one who trains you in martial arts, such as Brazilian jiu jitsu. Living can beat the stuffing out of you and when you pile on extra pounds, it spells disaster for your confidence. That can cause you to eat even more, which results in more pounds packing onto your frame. While losing weight by working out and eating a healthy diet will help restore your broken spirit and give you a better self-image, getting your exercise from training in martial arts will give you far more when it comes to confidence and self-assurance. You’ll also find that excess pounds seem to melt away.

Change your thinking from victim to victor.

Brazilian jiu jitsu is based on the premise that a smaller weaker person can overpower a stronger larger one if they know what moves to make and mentally plan their moves. No matter how intimidated by others you are when you first start, you’ll change. Not only will your body become fitter, your attitude will too. You’ll go from a victim to a person who others respect.

Improve your mental abilities and become the problem solver.

The sport involves a lot of mental calculations, which improves your ability to find solutions fast and think on the run. In fact, it’s as much a mental sport as it is a physical one. It teaches you to control your emotions and find solutions to an immediate problem, such as a very large person with a strangle hold on you. That makes you far more capable in real life to handle all the small emergencies that occur.

You’ll get plenty of encouragement from the personal trainer.

A trainer understands that losing weight can be difficult and training in the martial arts just as hard, but he or she will provide the support and understanding to help you do it. The trainer still holds you accountable for your weight loss and dedication to the program and expect you to work your hardest to follow through on all parts.

Training in the martial arts can help you overcome bad habits and even addictions. Many people find that not only the mental focus learned in BJJ, but also the physical exertion helps them quit smoking and in some cases, stay clean and sober.

You’ll make plenty of friends once you start competing or taking group training. While you might only work with a trainer in the beginning, once you get involved, you’ll want to compete or take group sessions to add to your training. That can spell long lasting friendships.

You’ll see amazing changes in your endurance, strength and flexibility. BJJ works out all parts of the body to improve all areas.

You’ll learn how to protect yourself, no matter what the situation. In today’s world, learning self-defense can be a valuable tool.

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