Testimonial Picture of Domine Hill (2)

Hello my name Domine Hill. I’m a an electrician. I was introduced to jujitsu because I was tired of the gym thing. Plus I really didn’t get too much of a benefit from it besides excessive crowding that caused long waiting line for equipment. So after talking to some people I was told that I should look into the  martial arts because they allow you to get a better work out both mentally and physically. So I found a place and started training and soon afterwards fell in love with the art. After a few months I realized another part to this equation is that training in this art form require you to have a certain comfort level with your training partner because of some of the positioning and holds that you will often be in. That’s when I was lucky enough to stumble across Kola. He will push you to train hard, yet allows you have fun while maintaining a very relaxed atmosphere. Now 2 years into it we are like family. So come join. We are waiting for!!!

Domine Hill