Testimonial Picture of Onsomu Tengeri (2)

I highly would recommend KABJJ!

Kola is an extremely dedicated and technical professor who is a black belt under 3rd degree black belt. Kola Ajose Jiu Jitsu Academy teaches Rickson Gracie’s philosophy of “Invisible Jiu Jitsu” believing that the fine details are what makes the difference and that what you don’t see, weight distribution and connection are key components to “feeling” Jiu Jitsu.

I train here from time-to-time because the team is great and everyone feels Kola provides the one-on-one personal touch that is often needed in today’s BJJ schools. In addition, Kola is truly awesome with the kids! You will often see him at tournament’s gathered and huddled with his team, encouraging and inspiring. So if you want to get in shape, train with some really dedicated and technical students, I highly recommend Kola Ajose Jiu Jitsu Academy!!!

Onsomu Tengeri