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Not everyone wants the traditional type of Walnut Creek weight loss program, some people want more. Let’s face it, it can be pretty boring going through the same calisthenics and talking about what you ate the previous day. In fact, many times talking about the food you ate simply makes you hungrier. Instead of going down the same old path, consider doing something different that offers more than just weight loss and fitness, although those two benefits are important.

Consider working with a personal trainer in martial arts.

Martial arts, such as BJJ—Brazilian jiu jitsu, provides the workout you need to get back into shape and lose weight, but isn’t boring. You’ll never think about how long you’ve exercised or check your watch to see if it’s time to go when you take martial arts classes. Your mind will focus on the next move or how to counter your opponents last move. You’ll be learning something new each session and your goal won’t necessarily be weight loss, but moving up through the ranks for a higher level of achievement. Just like children playing a game, you won’t notice how long and hard you’ve worked, making the workout even more effective.

Don’t worry about your present physical fitness level.

Martial arts like BJJ is based on the smaller weaker person being able to subdue a larger stronger one with the right moves and cunning. It’s as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one. During sessions, you work to your potential, which increases as you become more competent each session. It exercises your body, but it also works your mental muscles too.

Feel more confidence once you start training.

As you progress in this sport, you’ll be amazed at how it improves your confidence level. Not only will you become more confident during training, it will expand into your daily life. You’ll walk taller and have a persona that exudes self-assurance. That can be a benefit no matter what your occupation or station in life. Others notice it, but may not be able to pinpoint the difference and simply chalk it up to your improved fitness level.

You’ll learn how to defend yourself in almost any condition. While crime rate in Walnut Creek is far below the national average or California’s average, it’s nice to know how to defend yourself against attack. You’ll feel more self-assurance when you travel to other areas that aren’t as devoid of crime.

You’ll burn off the hormones created by stress and feel amazing after every session.

You’ll notice other areas of your life changing. Part of the reason is your improved ability to focus, one of the benefits of martial arts training.

You’ll become more assertive, but in a good way. Rather than back down, you’ll learn to diffuse the situation and create harmony while getting your point across.

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