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Many of the benefits of Bay Area BJJ—Brazilian jiu jitsu—aren’t easily seen, but are the life changing ones that are the most beneficial. While you’ll notice immediate weight loss, as well as increased flexibility and strength, you probably won’t notice some of the subtler changes in your mental attitude. Those changes affect your life and your future. The frustrations that come with BJJ may drive you crazy, but overcoming it can help you reap benefits in all areas of life. No matter how many times you try to subdue an opponent and fail, if you keep trying, one day you’ll be victorious. That victory is a reward for perseverance. It’s a lesson in mental toughness that will help you your entire life.

You’ll learn to keep your temper in control and work through problems.

No matter who you are, things can go wrong. If you lose your temper every time they do, you’ll be counterproductive to your cause. BJJ helps you deal with the problems you face without all the drama and mental anguish. That’s one reason many parents enroll their children. It helps them with coping skills and learning how to face adversity with a problem solving attitude rather than a temper tantrum. It helps people learn anger management skills.

Developing focus is an important skill developed in BJJ.

Studies show that children with ADD and ADHD benefit from martial arts classes because it helps them develop focus. You don’t have to be ADD or ADHD to benefit from improving the ability to focus. It’s a skill people seek out, often using more passive techniques, such as meditation or yoga to achieve. Being able to control your mind is one of the most important skills in life. It can help you in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Not only studying moves, but learning to apply what you learned helps you become a better person.

There’s a lot of mental work in BJJ, which includes learning the various techniques needed to subdue an opponent. While doing the mental work to learn it is part of the process, learning how to apply those techniques is also part of it, and often the most difficult part. You may attempt it over and over without success, but one day it all will come together. This gives you the incentive to learn as much as you can about any project and then practice and attempt it until you get it right, a great lesson for a better life.

You’ll develop a better sense of self. Like dance, yoga or other types of physical activities, you’ll learn how control all body parts and movements, developing not only a sense of self, but also grace.

BJJ builds confidence. Learning control builds confidence you’ll get no other way. When you can control yourself, you’ve won the biggest of life’s battles.

BJJ teaches you to slow your thinking and look at the next step. You’re constantly assessing your opponents moves and calculating ways to block them, attempting to always keep a step ahead of the opponent.

You’ll learn not only self pride, but also humility. Being proud of your accomplishments is natural, learning to be humble and know you have even more to learn is the true lesson of BJJ.

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