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Consider taking a Berkeley jiu jitsu class if you lack confidence in your life. People who lack confidence often hate to make decisions, so just signing up for the class might stress you out, unless you find one that offers the first week free or a money back guarantee—or both! You aren’t making a decision that way, just testing the waters and are out no money if you don’t like what you find. It’s the perfect solution for those who have a difficult time starting anything new.

Classes are for anyone or any age group.

You don’t have to be in perfect shape to take a class, but if you have health issues, always check with your health care professional first. You’ll always be working at your own level, which improves as you workout. Young and old benefit from jiu jitsu for many of the same reasons, but also some that differ based on age. Young children learn discipline and focus. While most adults have developed these skills, it never hurts to hone them to perfection. Often drug rehabilitation programs suggest learning the martial arts as a way of providing structure and developing a sense of purpose as well as building self-discipline.

You’ll notice it’s easier to lose weight.

Whether you took the class for a route to fitness or just wanted to learn the art of self-defense, you’ll see the extra exercise help melt off pounds if you needed to do that. It helps regulate weight, so people who need to gain weight often find they do the same—but with muscle tissue rather than fat tissue. The exercise you get from the classes can also burn off stress hormones and improve your mood, since it stimulates the brain to create hormones like dopamine and endorphins that make you feel good. That means you won’t be eating out of depression or stress.

You’ll be more graceful and coordinated.

The training not only improves your strength and endurance, it also improves your flexibility and balance. You’ll learn control over your muscles, which is what you need to become graceful. Even men need to have this type of training. It’s much like Knute Rockne having his football players take ballet. Extra coordination and grace helps every physical endeavor, as well as everyday living.

You’ll be exercising both your mind and body with jiu jitsu. It’s a sport that requires extreme focus and the ability to plan your next move.

You’ll develop a sense of tranquility and peace with the training. Any type of training that makes you feel in control helps build that sense of tranquility and eliminates fear.

While you won’t build huge muscles, which most women appreciate, you do tone your muscles and burn off fat tissue.

You’ll feel empowered with BJJ—Brazilian jiu jitsu—or any other jiu jitsu training.

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