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Berkeley BJJ—Brazilian Jiu Jitsu—won’t solve all your problems. In fact, the sport itself will probably will have nothing to do with life problems you’re facing. However, it will help you develop mental toughness and the ability to persevere until you do find a solution to whatever life throws at you. In sessions, you learn how to face an opponent and even if you don’t win the first time, continue studying and trying until you do. That lesson helps you in all facets of life and might be just what you need to use for the almost overwhelming problems you may face.

Burn off the hormones of stress and start blood flowing to your brain and nourishing it.

Stress puts the body into the fight or flight syndrome that stimulates the brain to create cortisol and adrenaline to prepare you body for either running or fighting. If you were a caveman facing a wild beast, it would be extremely helpful and save your life. You would have the extra boost of energy to insure your feet don’t fail you. Today, most of the stress in our lives come from problems that running or fighting doesn’t solve, so the hormones remain in the system and create foggy thinking—even killing brain cells. BJJ provides the release of energy necessary to burn off those hormones.

Get moving to keep your spirits high.

Not only will you burn off stress hormones in BJJ sessions, you’ll also create some hormones that make you feel good, such as endorphins and dopamine. Exercise also helps you build new neural pathways and connections in the brain that offset the negative effects of stress. You’ll think clearer, too. Studies show that regular exercise improves cognitive thinking. That’s important if you’re trying to solve a serious problem.

Build your self-assurance and confidence.

Sometimes the answer doesn’t lie in changing our path in life, but changing how we view ourselves. Problems are often caused by the lack of self-belief and self-assurance that is necessary to take the next step to success. BJJ is one way to learn both confidence and humility, both of which are necessary for a successful life.

Any type of exercise can help you shake off depression, but since BJJ requires as much mental focus as physical exercise, it allows your mind to take a break from the problem to come back refreshed later.

Stay healthy and you’ll have a leg up on life’s problems. Feeling good makes everything easier. Regular exercise helps you stay healthier by boosting your immune system.

Learn to quiet your mind and focus. In order to succeed in BJJ, you need to learn to shut out the rest of the world and focus on the situation at hand, identifying your opponents next move and creating a plan to counter it. That skill transfers into your daily life and makes problem solving easier.

Look fitter and feel great about yourself. You’ll shed pounds and build muscle tissue. Looking good and feeling good can change your self-image from a loser to a winner and sometimes that’s all it takes.

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