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You may have toyed with the idea of learning martial arts, but worried it would be a waste of money. Now you don’t have any excuse. There are Walnut Creek martial arts classes that offer a free trial and even offer a 100 percent money back guarantee after that if you aren’t satisfied. That means you have an amazing opportunity to see why people love BJJ—Brazilian jiu jitsu—so much. It’s like having your cake and eating it too. If the class isn’t everything you thought it would be or you simply didn’t like it, you don’t pay anything.

People love BJJ for the great workout they experience.

There’s no doubt about it, you’ll workout hard when you take these classes. That workout spells overall toning, more strength and weight loss. It’s a great way to get back into shape. You’ll be so busy focusing on learning the moves that you will barely notice all the exercise you’re getting during sessions. It’s far better than walking on a treadmill for an hour and constantly checking your watch to see if it’s time to get off and get on with life. You’ll actually want to stay longer in classes, instead.

Pounds melt away and so does stress.

TV personality from Fear Factor and other programs, Joe Rogan, is an avid practitioner of martial arts. He says it not only keeps him in shape, it’s a stress buster that helps him mellow out and relax. Even though he’s well beyond his twenties, you couldn’t tell it by looking at his trim muscular build. That’s because BJJ and other martial arts workouts seem to melt pounds off the body. You’ll burn off the harmful hormones from stress and lose weight at the same time.

Improve your focus with BJJ.

Martial arts challenges you mentally as much as it does physically. You have to be uber aware of your surroundings, your grappling partner’s moves and planning your next move. In fact, many studies show that the structure and discipline learned in martial arts classes is excellent training for children with ADD and ADHD. It helps them focus. While the focus develops slowly, each step is a true victory. If it helps people with this problem, you can imagine how great is is for those without it.

You’ll feel a surge of confidence when you learn the art of self-defense. Just knowing how to defend yourself will make you less of a victim. That’s because you won’t be radiating the look and aura of a victim.

You’ll build more confidence as you improve both fitness and skill level in these classes.

Weight loss, for those who need it, is one reason people take these classes. You’ll shed pounds quickly while you learn martial arts.

You’ll feel empowered with your new knowledge and skill. It’s easy to understand why some instructors offer a money back guarantee, almost everyone is satisfied with the results.

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