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You’ll love the rush of adrenaline you get when you take a Berkeley martial arts class and also the sense of purpose it gives you. But some people find this type of class is good for more than just learning self-defense. It can also help you build your strength, endurance and flexibility while shaving off a few extra pounds. Unlike traditional weight loss programs, it doesn’t focus on weight loss, but a set of skills. That changes the dynamics of weight loss. When you don’t focus on it, it seems to happen naturally from the extra energy you exert.

Keep your body and mind strong no matter what your age.

If you’re older and have health conditions, you’ll want to talk to your health care professional first before you sign up for classes, but since you’ll work at your own level of ability, people of all fitness levels can take them. You’ll build both your physical strength and stamina,while also improving mental capabilities. Walking aimlessly on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike to nowhere can’t do that for you.

Focus improves when you train.

The whole basis of BJJ—Brazilian jiu jitsu, a form of martial arts—is that with the right moves even the smallest person can overtake a much larger attacker when he or she knows the right moves to use. You have to be able to focus enough to calculate your opponents next move to plan what you’re going to do next while under duress. That takes a great deal of focus to do.

You’ll enjoy taking the classes, while you’re reaping all the benefits.

You may put off going to the gym because, well frankly, it’s just plain boring. You won’t do that with this challenging sport. That makes working out on a regular basis more enjoyable, which means you’ll probably stick to it rather than slowly drifting away from it. You’ll make friendships in the classes that will last a long time, providing even more incentive to go to sessions.

BJJ and other forms of martial arts teaches self discipline. No matter what your age, whether you’re in grade school or collecting Social Security, you’ll benefit from the improved self-discipline.

Martial arts gives you the tools to protect yourself and that spells self-assurance. You emote confidence when you have it, which often stops bullying and assault.

BJJ and other martial arts classes focus on settling differences in the most peaceful, least aggressive manner. That makes it a great teaching tool for children.

BJJ is a stress buster. You’ll feel fantastic after each session and ready to enjoy life again.

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